Friday, February 24, 2012

Travel Milestones

What things have I accomplished/experienced/visited/eaten that are considered quintessential travel moments?

I’m starting a list right now:

Eiffel Tower:Climbed it, age 5
Eaten: French escargot, Czech goulash, Russian borsch, Spanish paella, Panamanian ceviche, Thai noodles, Swiss crepes, German pretzels/schnitzel/maultaschen, Saudi lamb and rice, Sri Lankan curry
Great Barrier Reef: Snorkled, age 6
Cyprus: ate a hamburger larger than my 6 year old head
Charles Bridge: Prague, shopped til I dropped
Panama: hiked through the Barro Colorado rainforest/island preserve
Panama Canal: boat tour through it
Madrid: watched group football in Plaza de Colon, toured the city, authentic flamenco
al-Hamra: toured, age 14
Washington DC: Everything- including get lost dozens of times, sit by homeless people in a public library, Georgetown Cupcakes, stalk college students, meet an ambassador (Botswana!), get locked out of the Russian consulate...the list goes on (except the Washington monument)

I'm sure there are many more I’m overlooking…updates to come!

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