Monday, March 26, 2012

Cultural Differences

This post is going to be where I will record some of the things during this trip that have confused, surprised, or delighted me with their differences from what I'm used to experiencing in America. I'll organize it by country to make it more streamlined for my 12 or so readers  =p

  • The keyboard: I literally had to Google how to type @! And y and z are switched around so I often tzpe things like this when I'm tzping quicklz.
  • Shoes: Apparently if you walk around the house barefoot or in your socks, you're insane or stupid. Always wear shoes.
  • Pillows: American pillow look like this- short but long and full of stuffing. European pillows (I've noticed this here and in Czech Republic) look like this. I had no idea how to sleep on them at first.
  •  It's very common in Europe, but all water is carbonated. And bottled. I constantly am being offered bottles of mineral water and carbonated apple juice! I can't figure out if you are allowed to drink carbonated water after you brush your teeth at night...
  • Bread is highly revered and eaten with just about every meal
  • Windows in the ceiling! I really love this, especially the one in the bathroom. You can take a shower with the window wide open and no worries about anything)) (these are not skylights, don't get confused. I will put pictures on Facebok)
  • Eye brow waxing? Ha. We all have perfect eye brows in Deutschland, who needs this?
  • Be on time. (I struggle with this one)

Facebook message me or comment on this if you have any questions or anything you want me to comment on! I will update as I travel.

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