Friday, July 31, 2015

Should I Stay or Should I Go

Reasons I am Ready to Leave Tbilisi:

  • My apartment is infested with spiders and I can't deal with it
  • My bed is basically a wooden packing pallet and I want to sleep in the best bed ever aka my mom's house
  • It's hot as balls, and only getting hotter over the next few weeks
  • Some people are being douche canoes and I'm realizing that people I thought were friends were really just using me
  • I want Indian buffet and stuffed crust pizza and Chipotle and smoothies
  • I can't cook anything here as I have no oven, my kitchen is the size of a matchbox, and my kitchen tools consist of like 3 wooden spoons and a bowl
  • I need good drip coffee
  • **I am dying to see my girlfriends and family**

Reasons I'm not Ready to Leave Tbilisi:

  • I'm finally hitting my stride at work
  • I'm finally making potentially useful professional connections
  • I (was) totally on a roll with going to the gym
  • Fall is apparently magical here (hello, grape harvest season)
  • There is still so much unexplored in the country as a whole and in Tbilisi
  • I haven't eaten enough Georgian food and I will miss it 
  • I don't want to go back to school and deal with stuff like getting furniture for my apartment, buying textbooks, Batten math boot camp, and being on Grounds
  • I am dreading reopening my planner and going back to the grind of daily minutiae
  • I love speaking Russian, and I love hearing Georgian
  • I LOVE pretending I'm a real adult, and thinking of my future life and potential trajectories 

Bonus non-categorized:
  • I'm weirdly starting to think like a Georgian girl, like, hunting for a husband...and I'm kind of okay with it...but that's super scary so I probably need to get back to America where I'm unattractive and unremarkable STAT
  • I am SO sick of living my life in a constant countdown. Nothing is ever open ended, nothing is ever up to my own discretion, nothing is ever semi-permanent. I live in a series of temporary cycles, always waiting for the end, and it's giving me a mother f**king ulcer. I want to be able to stay somewhere until I'm bored with it, I want to be able to leave when I'm finished, not when my calendar tells me it's time to move onto the next cycle...

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