Friday, October 28, 2016

Graffiti of Tbilisi

The streets of Tbilisi display some really amazing graffiti. There are artists out there with beautiful talent, and kids with hilarious misunderstanding of the English language.

Unfortunately, most of the best graffiti I saw while sitting on a moving bus, and I was not dedicated to this project enough to go all over the city seeking the actual best graffiti. 

So instead you have this:

Most "convenient-for-me graffiti that I liked" of Tbilisi

"Hey fool do you know? We pay for the spase shuttle 1.7 billion dollars"
"Long live the heroes" (I think...)

"Caucasus Power"

I really hope this is a clever play on The GOP...
not graffiti, but on the street -
this is my favorite wheelchair ramp in Tbilisi

Korean graffiti near the city's only (to my knowledge) Korean restaurant
CL is a Koren pop star
I guess this is promoting disability awareness/acceptance?
Pick up after your pet
Excerpt from a poem by Vladimir Mayakovsky:
"Eat pineapples, chew grouse
Your last day will turn out bourgeois"
(it rhymes in Russian...)

Georgian kids have an obsession with Tupac

and not so much an obsession with school...

This stencil graffiti is EVERYWHERE

I think I've seen others by this artist, really beautiful!

A rare anti-hate message

Another stencil I've seen a few times


Some fellow Georgian Wanderers submitted more pictures!
Georgian Wanderer Ethan and Bob Dylan in the tunnel out by the old Hippodrome

under the roundabout in Vake

Disney characters in Vake:

not sure what this is, but it's super creepy

the Vake street where a mafia hit occurred in early Sep 2016

Ninoshvili Street

The popular Tbilisi graffiti character "lamb" about to
dig into some khinkali in the Rustaveli underpass

Georgia proverb: measure 100 times, cut once

I do not know what this is...spotted in Old Town

The power of One Direction reaches all the way to Tbilisi

Have you seen any cool graffiti in Tbilisi?
Send it my way and I will post it here!

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