Wednesday, December 7, 2016

10 Things I Would Rather Do Than Write This Paper

1. Write this blog post! 
because it is much easier than trying to reform both the IMF and the World Bank (that's the paper topic)

2. Learn the dance from this video: 
I've almost got it down! There are only like 4 moves...

3. Learn all the words to this song: 
It's sad and moody and beautiful and Dagestan-y <3

4. Read every article about drinking collagen and then decide that is a terrible idea

5. Drink all the water in my water bottle. Go fill up water bottle. Have to pee. Repeat.

6. Eat an entire bag of pretzels. 

7. Start every other paper I have to write for finals.

8. Suddenly recall all the little tasks I have been meaning to get to...
-downloading those new songs I found!
-updating my computer background!
-texting grandma back!
-snapchat my sister to remind her not to hang out with boys!

9. Catch up on my Georgian studying
Just the really important phrases. Can you say "Lasha likes coca cola with ice" or "I like food without salt" or "toasts" (okay, that one's actually super important)??

10. Learn to read Armenian. 
because that could have been useful that time I was not kidnapped.

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