Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Georgia Summer Packing List

**Posted retrospectively**

So, it's about a week and a half before I leave for my summer internship in Georgia ("the country, not the state!" shouts a chorus of every American who's ever been to Georgia), so I decided to gather some of my belongings to start packing...just kidding, I'm leaving in 5 hours! hahahahahahahahahaaa...tears.

I'm very bad at packing. Very bad.
I thought maybe it would help to share my efforts with you guys, so here's what I'm bringing to Georgia!


This rolling duffel

This emergency last minute first-bag-was-too-heavy suitcase

This 65 L internal frame pack (carry on)

This purse (personal item)

and this daypack for hiking, but I'm packing it in the duffel


17 short sleeve/tank top shirts of varying formality, style, and materials
3 light weight long sleeve button-ups
1 North Face zip up
4 work pants
1.5 pairs of jeans (pair 1 is about to break)
6 skirts of varying formality
4 work dresses
2 long sleeve dresses
5 short sleeve/tank top dresses
3 cardigans
3 (conservative) work-out outfits
2 spring scarves
14 pairs of underwear
8 pairs of socks
3 bras, 1 sports bra


3 flats (tan, black, navy)
2 casual sandals (black, white)
2 pairs of shoes I bought last minute at Potomac Mills because of this (brown high heeled sandals and black closed-toe sandals)
1 pair of tennis shoes
1 pair of beach/shower flip flops
1 other pair of slightly heeled sandals


Ali and Nino in Russian (for practice)
Small notebook for writing down new Russian words
Big fat beautiful leather notebook for research notes
Little travel journal/scrapbook
Georgian phrasebook
A bunch of e-books 
(see? not so many!)


all those chargers
flash drives
external hard drive 
little tape recorder


Some pictures of my friends and family
Hair products
A bunch of American candies (Cow Tails, Tootsie Rolls, Nerds)
Small gifts for my friends in Kazbegi
Nail polish
Hiking day pack

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