Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Signs of Assimilation

You know you're beginning to assimilate into Georgian culture, when...
"Here Comes the Bride" playing in the background

  •'re staring at yourself in the elevator mirror and see your huge fake diamond ring glinting in the dim light and your first thought is "I should get married!" so you can have a real ring...
  • have a huge fake diamond ring
  • periodically transfer your ring from left to right in order to make people think you're married when it's convenient
  • start giving disapproving stares to girls who look foreign (the same stares that people have given you for weeks)
  • basically just stare at everyone all the time
  • start to judge men by what kind of car they drive
  • start thinking it's okay to repeat outfits like everyday
  • don't rush to catch the bus, because you know you can just flag it down and the driver will stop in the middle of the street 
  •'ve trained yourself not to smile in public
  • don't worry about getting sweaty while walking or on the bus because at least you're wearing deodorant, so you're better off than most people...
  •'re unphased by an old lady grabbing onto your arm for stability as she climbs into her bus seat
  •'re constantly aware of who is sitting on public transportation so you know who is first in line to stand up if an elderly person or a child gets on
  • don't actually speak Georgian but can 100% tell when people are talking about you and can generally understand the gist of a conversation based on facial expressions, hand gestures, tone of voice, and the few words you can pick out
  • stop feeling guilty about eating khachapuri everyday
    I don't actually eat this everyday, but I probably would if it weren't so flaky

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