Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Times I got Way Too Mad this Week

  • When my penovani khachapuri was way too flaky
  • When my bread got moldy way too fast (3 days!)
  • When the taxi driver overcharged me by 1 lari (47 US cents)
  • When I went grocery shopping and in the checkout lane realized I forgot my wallet (actually this was really sucky)
  • When the elevator doors closed too quickly
  • When I had to run an errand at the embassy and was feeling all proud to be an American until I saw some joker had built a McDonald's right across the street...
  • When my office was too windy and half the people are gone because they're in Vienna at a conference *tears*
  • When my bus driver was super aggressive and honked for about 30 minutes straight this morning 
and it's only Wednesday morning...

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